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Building Strong Girls

Here at Gamma Phi Beta, one of our four core values is labor. One way in which we fulfill this value is through extensive participation in philanthropic activities and events. Gamma Phi Beta's philanthropic motto is "Building Strong Girls." The organization we support is Girls on the Run and our mission is to show young girls how to grow into a confident woman through interactive games and exercises that teach them how to develop self-respect and healthy lifestyles. 


Our annual philanthropy events include:


During the 2018 spring semester, our chapter hosted our first ever sand volleyball tournament called Moonball. At this event we had many different volleyball teams from around the Manhattan community who participated in a tournament. Throughout the event various prizes were given out through a raffle as well as prizes for the winning team. At this past Moonball event we were able to raise $4,388.46 towards Girls on the Run.

​Building Strong Girls Week: BSGW happens during the week of Moonball. Each day of the week consists of a different event all leading up to Thursday night, the night of the sand volleyball tournament. Throughout the week there are different items for purchase such as food and flowers as well as raffle tickets for the event; these proceeds all benefit Girls on the Run. These days include a social media day, a percentage day, tabling in the union with cakes and carnations, and ending with Moonball. 

Todd Trio:

We hold this event every fall semester with our neighbors, Pi Beta Phi and Alpha Chi Omega. This event is open to the entire community of Manhattan and is full of yard games, a concert, food, drinks, and all kinds of fun. All three sororities worked extremely hard to make this event happen and we were lucky enough to receive an award for best philanthropy!

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